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Roofing Services


At Provision Contractors at the beginning of every job our standard practice is to put down protection for grounds around the property using tarps, plywood, etc.

We Remove your existing roof down to the decking and document it with pictures. We will then Make any necessary repairs
Install a minimum of two rolls of IWS and or 2’ beyond the inside wall on all eves and one roll up all valleys. Metal in the valley as provided, finish drying in the roof with 15 lb felt or synthetic over valley metal, and document with pictures. We also Remove and install a new drip edge if provided. We Install starter shingles along all eves and up all gable ends to ensure manufacture wind warranties. When shingles are installed they are staggered so shingle seams do not line up with starter shingle seams. We use 6 nails per shingle for wind resistance and make sure shingles have ¼” overhang all the way around.

At the completion of the roof all ridge cap are tight to the roof and caulk is applied around all penetrations and exposed nails. We will then document the finished roof with pictures. We Notify your city inspector when the roof is dried in if a permit is required and when close to completion for inspection.

Finally we Clean gutters so water can flow properly without obstruction, clean up the job site run magnets to get unseen fasteners, and haul away all construction debris. When we are done, All you should notice is a new roof.

We offer many styles and materials for siding. Here are just a few options we offer:

Large House Roofing project image
Roofing Project Worker walking
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