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Siding Services


Our Goal at Provision Contractors is to help you choose a siding for your home or business that is both rugged and beautiful. Something that is maintenance-free and can stand up to the hard winters of the North along with the heat and high winds of the Northern Plains. With so many products to choose from, our sales reps can help you choose the products that best suit your needs and budget. Cedar Knolls by Norandex and CertainTeed’s Monogram vinyl siding are both good choices that offer both quality and affordability when choosing new siding for your projects. Using these products provides a thicker siding panel with XLok and RigidForm technology that will help your new siding stay in place for years to come.

If you’re looking for wood or steel to protect your building exterior, we offer a variety of Metal Products from Metal sales in Detroit Lakes or ABC supply in St Paul MN. If looking for a wood product to cover your building, we offer products such as LP Smartside with its industry-leading 5/50 warranty. Our suppliers are time-tested with proven reliability and accuracy of our orders. They consistently provide timely deliveries to the building site while respecting our customers’ needs and material placement requests. Respecting possible restrictions to accessing the job site is also important. Once materials are delivered and your job is scheduled, our installers will remove any existing wall coverings necessary for the proper installation of the new wall covering. Vapor barrier and tape are also applied to all walls and openings before the installation of the new wall covering. Full clean up and haul off of construction debris is included in every project.

We offer many styles and materials for siding. Here are just a few options we offer:​​

Siding Project in progress
Home siding in process
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