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Window Services


The three main reasons to replace your windows are cosmetics, energy savings and to provide a more comfortable environment in your conditioned spaces. Spending too much on your windows consumes any energy savings. Although we can install any window, value is what most customers are looking for. We typically suggest a Thermo-tech Window made right here in Minnesota. They are energy efficient, easy to maintain, and operate well.  Once a window job is sold, our installer assigned to the project will make a sight visit for final measurements and material assessment. This helps ensure proper material orders according to the unique conditions of each job site. Depending on the size of the project, our installers can usually complete your window installation in 2-4 days.

Our installers have experience dealing with many challenges during the installation process. They are professional and efficient problem solvers who pursue excellence on every job site. As a company, we work hard to make sure every project goes well. Challenges happen on most construction projects. The good news is, everything is fixable. Finishing well is very important to us as a company and it’s important to our installers as well. We don’t want this to be the only project we are doing for you. We want to be the company you can count on for all exterior improvements.

We offer many styles and materials for windowsHere are just a few options we offer:​​

Commercial Window Project from inside
Commercial Window Building from Outside
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